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The Path to Health

Keeping yourself in peak health may seem to get more challenging with each passing year. We live in a complex world that demands a lot from us.  Our jobs are more technical and more performance-focused than ever before.  


Add children to raise, aging parents to care for, and relationships to nurture... and it is no wonder that caring for our own well-being becomes an after thought for so many of us.     


At Kofoid Chiropractic, the message is simple.


We want you to:

     ... eat well      ... rest well       ... think well      ... move well      ... and sleep well

But with fast food on every corner and a society that bombards us with conflicting messages about health and wellness, we understand that these foundational building blocks aren't always easy to attain.  Our goal is to equip you with the information and tools that will make living a healthy lifestyle a bit easier.

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