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Gentle, Precise Chiropractic Care

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Our Services

We believe that chiropractic care can be both gentle and precise.  We work with our patients to explore the methodology that best fits your health needs.
Our methodologies include:

♦ A.M.C.T.
Over the past few years, the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique has become the most popular way to deliver chiropractic adjustment worldwide.  
Its growing popularity is due largely to the fact that the method delivers excellent results, while using minimal force.   

♦ B.E.S.T.
The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is known for its ability to relieve stress-induced interferences and restoring balance to the body. 
This methodology focuses not only on physical imbalances, but also on nutritional and emotional issues as well.

Diversified technique is a commonly used adjusting technique by chiropractors. Diversified is characterized by a high velocity, low amplitude thrust with the hand. The objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and correct joint dysfunction.

♦ N.R.T 
Through Nutritional Response Testing, we are able to conduct detailed analysis of your unique nutritional needs, relying on the body's own muscular response to toxicity, allergies, and immunological challenges.  

In fact, because our neurological system controls all of our body's functions and organs, we can learn a lot about how well our internal organs are functioning simply by examining neurological reflexes that relate to that part of the body.   
In addition to the above services, we also offer:

  • customized orthotics;
  • therapeutic excercise; and 
  • lifestyle guidance.

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